LDgFN3GMTNegMn+qaVDxUAHello!  I am Jenni, a flawed but faithful follower of Jesus, I have been married to my best friend Aaron since 2006, we have 3 beautiful girls and I LOVE the Charleston/Lowcountry area of South Carolina!

A little more about me…

I was born with a serious and rare liver disease called Biliary Atresia and I am actually one of the few people living with this disease who has not had a liver transplant.

I keep busy homeschooling our girls, working as an independent Travel Agent with the Island Travel Group, educating people about Essential Oils & sharing my love online for coastal South Carolina and the lowcountry.

My love for South Carolina began my senior year of High School (1996) when one of my best friends invited me to come to her family’s vacation home on beautiful Kiawah Island (just off the coast of Charleston).  I remember thinking how “magical” it felt there.  I even told her that I was going to move there someday.

IMG_1802Fast forward 16 years and my husband and I decided to visit the Charleston area on a vacation with our 3 year old daughter Ava. We stayed in Mount Pleasant at the Homewood Suites, just off the Isle of Palms (IOP) Connector.  We had an AMAZING vacation and my heart felt they same way it did on my first visit.

We then returned in 2015 with our 2 daughters (Ava & Mia) and my Mom. For this vacation we decided to stay in a condo 1 block off the ocean on Isle of Palms.  During this trip we made our first visit to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens (a MUST SEE if you visit the area!)IMG_4058 and we also enjoyed a private carriage tour in downtown Charleston!  Once again we made LOTS of memories and our love for Charleston continued to grow! This is when our “real” talks of one day moving to the Charleston area began.

In 2017 we returned; once again, to Isle of Palms, this time with all 3 of our girls & my husbands brother and his family (from Chicago). We rented a BEAUTIFUL beach house near the Isle of Palms eACnL4ShStCWsU1OPmyFiQCounty Park.  My husband and I both REALLY enjoyed sharing our love for the area with our family and we even took a day to come to Summerville to look at homes and began dreaming of our move.

Fast forward to 2019 and my husband and I decided at the beginning of the year that THIS was the year that we were going to try to make the move from Southern Illinois to coastal South Carolina.  We began praying that if this was what we were meant to do that God would “open doors” for us…we decided that we were not going to force anything.

“Our” plan was to finish a few projects that we had left on our house and list our house for sale in mid/late summer and move in the fall.  My husbands 40th birthday was in May and for his birthday we planned a (parent’s only) trip to South Carolina for some relaxation AND serious house hunting!  On this trip we stayed a few nights in Summerville, SC (the town we had been looking at to move to) and then the remaining nights we stayed in the CUTEST private rental on Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant. 2jtpQmJIQ4aDK+UtnXu1Kw

During our stay in May we met up with a realtor who was SO amazing to work with!  (She was actually my sister-in-laws best friends daughter! If you’re thinking of relocating to the area I’d be happy to connect you with her she is the sweetest and made everything SO easy for us!) We had emailed over the details of what we were looking for to our Realtor prior to our visit and she met with us and took us to a new construction subdivision that we fell in love with!  We met with the sales manager and left with house plans and a folder of information.

When we returned to Illinois we were SO excited to get started finishing the projects on our home so we could get it listed.  We had already spoken with our Realtor in Illinois and told her we would be listing sometime in the summer.  At the end of May she gave us a call and said that she had a few potential clients whom she thought our house would be “perfect” for and would we be willing to show it…that weekend!!  We RUSHED to finish up projects and had several showings over the next few days and ended up with 3 cash offers within 12hrs of actually “listing” our house!  (Ok God, door “opened”).

SO, we were now under contract for our house in Illinois and they wanted to close in mid July!  We were NOT prepared for that!  So we called our Realtor and she got in touch with the Sales Manager for the builder that we had selected and we were told that if we went under contract “today” that our home would be completed in 7-8 months which would mean that we would have to rent for a few months and more importantly that we would have to move twice…not ideal with 3 young kids!  Well, then God opened yet another door…we received a call shortly after that from the Sales Manager IMG_0191that there was home that was currently under construction and the contract with the buyers fell through…it was the same model that we had selected with almost identical features that we had selected…AND…it would be ready at the end of July!  So we jumped on it and we were under contract for our new home…BUT…at this time Aaron did not have a job lined up (we were TOTALLY walking blindly by faith at this point!).

So, the first weekend in June we all 5 made the 800 mile trip to South Carolina once again for Aaron to interview for jobs with Alarm Companies…long story shortened…Aaron ended up accepting a job with a local company here in Summerville; however; he was not 100% at peace with his decision. Then…GOD…Aaron’s current boss (who has also been his best friend since birth) called and offering him a position QQJbbMQuTxqAVuYEGbiJ6Qto stay with his current company (that he LOVED!) and work remotely from our home in South Carolina!  This brought Aaron SO much peace and comfort and was a VERY big blessing in SO many ways for our family!  During our short time in South Carolina we got to come by and see the progress on the house and show the girls our; soon to be, new home!

IMG_0714Then on July 27th with the help of our AMAZING family we loaded up a Uhaul and my Dad’s box trailer and made the 800 mile journey to our new home!  As I write this we’ve now lived here for almost 2 months and although we miss our family and friends back home in Illinois SO MUCH we all feel SO blessed and happy to be living out our dream!  THIS is why I’m starting this Blog so I can share my love of this BEAUTIFUL place that I now call home with those who want to follow along!

I’d love to connect with you!  If you have any questions about Charleston or the surrounding area please visit the “contact me” tab & I’ll be in touch.


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